Election 2012 – And the winner is . . .

Regardless of the partisan battles between the politicians, one undeniable result of the 2012 election is that cannabis won.  The prohibition was challenged in five states, and it was defeated in three of them.  In Massachusetts, medical cannabis earned 63% of the vote, while the winning presidential and senatorial candidates garnered 61% and 54%, respectively.  In Colorado, marijuana legalization passed with more votes and a much wider margin that even President Barack Obama had over Mitt Romney.  Only in Washington did the President get more votes than legalizing marijuana did, and there it was by by less than 0.3%.  Even in Arkansas, where both Obama and medical cannabis were defeated, 11% more people voted to allow safe access to marijuana than for the President.

Simply put, on Election Day 2012, cannabis proved to be more popular than the President.

Watch this blog for an upcoming post on how the prohibition landscape has changed as a result of these elections.