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Marijuana Defense

While the tide of thought is slowly turning with regard to victimless crime like marijuana possession, cultivation and trafficking, conviction rates for marijuana crime remain high. Marijuana convictions carry the same stiff penalties as those relative to drugs that are partly responsible for many community and public health concerns. In North Carolina, a prosecutorial culture of “justice befitting the crime” as it relates to marijuana does not necessarily exist. Consulting with an experienced criminal attorney can make all the difference the outcome of your marijuana charges.

Entertainment Law

Successful artists, musicians, filmmakers and other entertainers realize the importance of managing your act’s career from the very beginning. It may seem too early to worry about agreements, copyrights and contracts. Don’t make this mistake. The beginning of the formation of a group of artists is the exact time you want to make sure you protect the band members and their intellectual property. Consulting with an experienced entertainment law attorney can make all the difference in the success of the business side of your art.