North Carolina Marijuana Criminal Defense

While the tide of thought is slowly turning with regard to victimless crime like marijuana possession, cultivation and trafficking, conviction rates for marijuana crime remain high. Marijuana convictions don’t carry the exact stiff penalties as those relative to drugs that are partly responsible for many community and public health concerns, but a criminal record can result nonetheless. In North Carolina, a prosecutorial culture of “justice befitting the crime” as it relates to marijuana does not necessarily exist.

Ben Scales has been actively involved in the marijuana legalization movement for many years. He narrows his criminal defense practices exclusively to cannabis related offenses.

Some marijuana related crimes include:

  • Misdemeanor or Felony possession of marijuana or Schedule VI controlled substance
  • Possession of marijuana with intent to sell, deliver or manufacture
  • Maintaining a dwelling, vehicle or place for the purpose of distribution
  • Trafficking of marijuana
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Possession of paraphernalia

You’ve been charged with a Marijuana Crime in North Carolina

What To Expect Now

The process of navigating the criminal justice system in North Carolina is complex. The courts are so overloaded that it may take months for your case to find resolution, and longer if a trial is necessary. If you’ve been charged with a marijuana related crime in North Carolina, you need a criminal trial lawyer experienced specifically in cannabis defense.

When you are arrested for any crime, the first thing that takes place is a bond hearing. While you might think this is only about bail, if bail is set outside of your means to pay, then you remain in jail. When you’ve been arrested for a marijuana related offense, call Ben first. He can argue the questions surrounding appropriate bond for you and help ensure you keep your life on track.

The district courts in North Carolina, which is the court of first appearance, are crowded, understaffed and technologically challenged. For the defendant in criminal court, this means waiting, numerous appearance were nothing apparent occurs. A qualified marijuana defense attorney can help alleviate the stress of the process by ensuring you understand what is most likely to occur next.